Fun VR team games for
small and big groups

  • Offers for 2 to 42 people
  • Lounge area with PlayStation and two meeting rooms
  • Selection of exclusive VR games
  • Team building, birthday and parties
  • Located in central Oslo

Experiences you get in all our VR games

Become an avatar with
supernatural abilities

Explore exhilarating VR world

Shoot with
a laser

Play in a team with
your friends

Move objects with telekinesis

Use your body to
control the game


VR GAMES zone offers fun activities for team building, parties, date and family day

  • Unforgettable experience
    We use the latest VR technology and exclusive VR games.
  • Food and drinks
    We offer free coffee and sweets, and have a catering agreement. You can also bring along own food and drinks / alcohol.
  • VR zone in central Oslo
    We offer 320 sq.m. of VR exeperiences, large lounge area with PlayStation and two meeting rooms.
  • Team games
    You play in a team and must work together to solve problems in virtual reality. Nice way to buid a team!
  • Great program for group
    We can accomodate 2 to 42 people, and have good packages for parties and companies.


Choose one of our games below - click on "Space Mission" (up to 6 players), "Huxley Room 1" (up to 4 players) or "Huxley Room 2" (up to 4 players) in the overview below. Click then on a free spot to book your game. When you book Huxley, you will be able to choose between the games Huxley World and Huxley Adventure. If you are a large group, book several games at the same time - use the button "Book several games at the same time" below.

Prices incl. VAT

Event for 7-42From 350 kr per pers
Group of 5-6From 350 kr per pers
Group of 4350 kr per pers
Group of 3385 kr per pers
Group of 2445 kr per pers


  • Please, be on time. You can get reduced play time if you are late.
  • Possible to change the number of players on place, as long as you keep all your ordered games. We will adjust the price on place.
  • Cancellations at least 7 days in advance. If you cancel the game less than 7 days in advance, you have to pay the full price for the game.
  • Accessible for wheel chairs.
  • Up to 14 people can play at the same time (75 min), 28 people - in two rounds (2h), 42 people - in three rounds (2,5h).
  • We recommend to use lenses and take along a T-shirt you can change to but it is not required.
  • Children up to 14 years old and students get 20% discount Mon-Tue before 14.30 and after 20.30, Wed-Thu before 14.30 and whole Sunday.
  • Gift card is valid in six months.


VR GAMES ZONE offers experiences that you cannot find any other place. We offer an unforgettable day with your friends and family! We arrange parties for birthday and bachelor & bachelorette. Our packages include cool VR games, access to lounge area with PlayStation4 and food/ drinks options.



VR GAMES ZONE is a fantastic choice for team building and corporate parties. Our games require cooperation and team spirit, and are fun for everyone regardless of age. We have spacious and comfortable facilities with lounge area, two meeting rooms and a small kitchen. We serve free coffee and sweets, and you can bring your own food and drinks / alcohol.

-20% Valid for children til 14 y.o. and students whole day Sun-Tue and before 17:00 Wed-Thu